Website Production

Mi Media & PR specialises in producing WordPress websites for small business. The focus of production is high SEO which incorporates a Content Management System. 'Landing Pages' can be included into the site. If your website doesn’t have analytics capabilities call us now and we’ll bring your website into the future. We will even write your content.

Social Media

Mi Media & PR are your Social Media experts. We take the content and positioning of Social Media messages very seriously. The role of social media in business is essential. Let us build your Social Media network and drive it week in, week out.

Public Relations

Careful and coordinated PR campaigns are vital in maintaining and creating public confidence. Knowing where or when to place PR content is where the skills lie. With exceptional media contacts, Mi Media is also available to achieve corporate or community Public Relations and communication objectives.


There are only two types of Advertising: Branding and Call-to-Action. Where and when to position your Advertisement is a learned and practised skill in the constantly evolving media landscape. Mi Media draws on extensive hands-on experience across all and ensures every second or centimetre of Advertising you invest in is accountable.


Every business is unique  – whether it is in product, in service, or in personnel. Through Content Marketing Strategy Mi Media brings this uniqueness to life with one focus in mind: to increase your business profile and turnover.

Mi Media takes a holistic approach to achieving this by attacking the marketplace through the strategic use of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Creative and Social Media platforms.

A range of Mi Media Content Marketing Strategy packages have been designed, from an attached Marketing Manager, Social Media expert, or a Public Relations and Communications professional, to a Media Production unit or Advertising Booking Agency.

Mi Media & PR is also available for individual or one-off projects, in particular, anything to do with the written word.

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