Content Marketing

Mi Media & PR takes a robust approach to Content Marketing by blending traditional communication forms with those at the forefront of the constantly evolving media streams. Mi Media & PR produce Industry specific content which is consistent, relevant and engaging and strategically roll this content out to the required audience.

Social Media

Mi Media & PR are your Social Media experts. We take the content and positioning of Social Media messages very seriously. The role of social media in business is essential. Let us build your Social Media network and drive it week in, week out.


Corporate Videomedia Television, Radio, Print, Online Advertorials, Brochures, Websites design and enhancement, Website Content copywriting, White Papers, Freelance Journalism – Television, Radio, Print, Online

Lead Generation

A number of platforms are employed including 'Facebook Lead Generation'. A very powerful digital tool for reach, reaction and ROI. Mi Media & PR has a proven track record of producing leads for Residential Property Developments.


Every business is unique  – whether it is in product, in service, or in personnel. Through Content Marketing Strategy Mi Media brings this uniqueness to life with one focus in mind: to increase your business profile and turnover.

Mi Media takes a holistic approach to achieving this by attacking the marketplace through the strategic use of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Creative and Social Media platforms.

A range of Mi Media Content Marketing Strategy packages have been designed, from an attached Marketing Manager, Social Media expert, or a Public Relations and Communications professional, to a Media Production unit or Advertising Booking Agency.

Mi Media & PR is also available for individual or one-off projects, in particular, anything to do with the written word.

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